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Discipleship Triangles

As Christians we live our lives with Jesus learning to be like Him, just like the first disciples.

Encouraging people to be in Discipleship Triangles is a central way we seek to promote growth in our Christian lives.

A Discipleship Triangle is a micro group of 2-4 people that meet together to intentionally reflect on the three dimensions of life (UP, IN, and OUT - see "Lifeshapes" for more information). They are designed to be lightweight and low maintenance groups that can be simply planned and coordinated by any of the participants.  They can be easily reproduced.

The most important thing is discipleship to Jesus in our real world lives and it deserves our focus and investment of time.

Each meeting covers three areas in roughly equal time ie thirds. To help maintain balance, rotate which topic you start with. Take turns to keep the the sharing on track, time and topic wise.


Ponder Scripture (UP):
Reflect on bible passage you agreed to read at the previous meeting in three aspects and share your insights/questions:
Head - how the passage fits into the overall message of the bible and what contribution it makes,
Heart - a particular verse, word, phrase, section or idea that spoke to you personally about God and His relationship with you - who God is, who you are etc, and
Hand - some application to your life

Process a Kairos (IN):
Jesus teaches us through the moments (Kairos) of life:
Identify a Kairos by prayerfully reflecting on your life or using some questions as prompts
Process the Kairos by using the learning circle - Observe, Reflect, Discuss, Plan, Account, Act. (It can be a new Kairos or a continuation of a previous one)
Record the Kairos and your learning so you can review later what God has been teaching you.

Plan Mission (OUT) - discuss and pray:
Jesus calls us to proclaim and demonstrate life in His Kingdom:
People of Peace - who are the people around you who are open to you and the gospel?
Partners - who are you cooperating with in mission?
Steps - what are the next steps (words or actions) you are planning to take?

Some pointers:
Plan to meet for about one hour either weekly or fortnightly. 
Prepare by reading the agreed scripture passage several times and reflecting on a Kairos and your involvement in mission.
Remember to check with each other on actions each of you have asked to be held accountable for.
Care for each other especially through tough situations.
Pray for each other during the meeting AND during the week.

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