Reflections on Matthew 10

God's spirit
Hi David,

I would like to start a discussion on the nature of God's spirit. I would be very interested to understand how others conceptualise our spirit in relationship to God's spirit. For example, in scripture the Holy Spirit is presented as an entity, and part of the trinity. God is also presented as onmipresent and, as such, his spirit must be everywhere, including in us. God's spirit was, therefore, in Jesus in his earthly body. In addition, some believe that the Holy Spirit enters us in a new way when we become Christians or 'baptised in the Holy Spirit'.
Are there different types of God's spirit within me? That is, if God is omnipresent, he must be in me in the same way as he is in trees, the air, etc. But texts referring to God's spirit interacting with my spirit would suggest that there is a different, more personal, spirit in me as well.
Similarly, was the spirit of God in Jesus (as part of God's omnipresence when Jesus walked the earth) the same as Jesus' spirit as part of the trinity?
Or is God's spirit more like a density or probablity distribution? That is, God's spirit is everywhere, including in me, but has a greater density in such a way that constitutes a different quality of spiritual experience?

I would be grateful for feedback or as a topic for discussion.

Best wishes,

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