Encounter Baptist Church App

We now have a Progressive Web App that is useful for keeping up to date with church activies and sermon recordings.
Progressive Web apps are installed from a website rather than the App Store or Google Play Store.

To Install our app

  1. On your phone or tablet go to
  2. Tap on the "Install the App"  button and follow the instructions.
  3. You can log in using  your webiste login details (you will be able to update your details)
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EBC Bible Reading App  

This simple app enables people to read our daily bible readings directly on their phones.
The readings are stored in the app but access to the readings requires an active internet connection.
There are also some prayers and resources.

biblereading1522xThe iOS version is available in the App Store

A New Android version is now available on the Google Play Store

Our daily bible readings can also be accessed on

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