Associate Pastor for Next Gen (Youth and Children) - part time (0.4)

Provide leadership and work with the senior pastor and members of the church to help us disciple our children and young people and involve them in mission.  


Encounter Baptist Church is a vibrant and active church of 80 people committed to discipleship and mission in our everyday lives. 

The Associate Pastor for NextGen is a 2 day/week position working with the Senior Pastor and church members to disciple our children and young people and to involve them in mission. 

The role includes: 

  • Providing leadership for Sunday morning and weeknight activities 
  • Equipping parents to disciple their child/ren
  • Assisting with overall leadership and direction of the church 

Encounter Baptist Church (EBC) incorporates the 3DM model of ministry across all our church ministries.

Position Description

Church Profile: 
Our church has people spread across all age brackets including approximately 10 teenagers and 10 children in primary school. There is a high level of participation by members in all aspects of church life including NextGen ministries.

Church Vision:
We seek a future where everyone in Ashwood and Chadstone and our wider networks have had opportunities to know God better and to experience God’s goodness.

Our Strategic Focus:
By focusing on our People of Peace (see Luke 10), develop simple, self-funding, and reproducing discipleship and mission groups.

Model of Ministry:
Our church is using the tools and insights developed by 3dm to develop a discipling culture and missional communities.

Vision for our children and youth:

That they would have a

Greater Knowledge of God

Deeper level of Christlikeness (in character, discipleship, community and mission)

Wider experience of God’s presence and power, 

Sooner - at an earlier age than us

We believe that to see this happen will require the involvement of the whole church - it can’t be delegated to a paid ministry position.

The person will provide leadership and work with the senior pastor and members of the church to help us disciple our children and young people and involve them in mission by: 

  • Providing leadership, oversight and training for the existing youth children, and young adult ministries that take place both on Sunday mornings and on some evenings through the week with a focus on connecting them to a missional life with the family.
  • Helping to equip and encourage parents and guardians to integrate their child/ren in a missional community and missional lifestyle and help train and equip youth and young adults in leading a missional life and participating in missional communities. (Missional Communities are mid-sized groups reaching out to the community that meet at various times through the month including one week a month where there is no Sunday morning service)
  • Assisting the pastor with the development and delivery of training for adults in the area of discipling children and youth.
  • Overseeing any new or required NextGen specific events or programs that align with the strategy and calling of the church. Assisting with overall leadership and direction of the church
  • Occasionally preaching and/or carrying out other church leadership tasks.
  • Attending Sunday morning services
  • In the event of the senior pastor’s absence, being the acting pastor of the church (if this is for an extended period, eg the senior pastor being on annual leave, there will be an additional payment to recognise the additional responsibilities).
  • There will be flexibility on how the 2 days/week are worked with the expectation that it will include Sunday morning gatherings and a weekly meeting with the pastor at a mutually agreeable time. Other time will be flexible to enable the person as necessary to visit Missional Community Gatherings (that typically happen on weekends but not necessarily Sunday mornings) and meet with missional community leaders, volunteers and youth/children. 

There may be times when the person may be asked to participate in training intensives that go for more than 2 days in a particular week. This will be negotiated with the person and usually managed through time in lieu. 

EBC believes in healthy ministry and wants to see a good balance of self-care, boundaries, work and rest and we expect the associate Pastor to take a leading role in their own self-care with the support of the church council. 

EBC is based at 17 Margot St Chadstone. This is the normal location for Sunday celebrations and weekly meetings with the pastor. However, meetings with Missional Communities and various church people may happen in places up to 15 minutes drive from the base. 

The Associate Pastor for NextGen is accountable to and will report regularly to the Pastor and through the Pastor to the church council.

Key Objectives
Within the scope of the role detailed above, the person will develop key measurable objectives in conjunction with and mutually agreed with the Senior Pastor. Within the parameters of the 2 days/week position, these will cover areas of vision implementation, planning, resource development, training of people, management of teams (including rosters), time management, and personal development.

Key Responsibility
Ensure people in the church directly involved in ministry with children/youth are aware of and adhere to relevant codes of conduct, ethics and standards and comply with the Church's policies and procedures, including Safe Church and Child Protection.

Remuneration will be negotiated based on qualifications and experience as per Baptist Union of Victoria guidelines. 

Personal Attributes:

It is a requirement that the Associate Pastor for Next Gen:

  • Is a follower of Jesus and embraces the values of the Gospel in all aspects of their life.
  • Is committed to the Strategic Priorities and Model of Ministry of EBC
  • Is committed to personal discipleship and personal engagement in local mission - reaching out to people who aren’t Christians.
  • Has empathy, personal flexibility and adaptability to change 

Desirable Ministry Experience (paid/volunteer) 

  • Ministry with a diverse and multi-generational community
  • Ministry with and ability to connect with children and/or young people
  • Ability to provide leadership to groups 
  • Ability to work with a team that includes volunteers
  • Ability to communicate content
  • Ability to coach others


  • Knowledge and understanding of contemporary youth/children’s culture and mission within that culture
  • Familiarity with information technology and personal computer skills
  • Be up to date with Safe Church and child safety requirements and obligations, or committed to get up to speed as a first priority.


  • Drivers Licence
  • Satisfactory Police Check
  • Working with Children Card
  • Completed, Completing or willing to undertake a Ministry qualification

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